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Free Plein Air painting Lessons and Ideas Free Gardening Guides Free DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans and Building Guides

Outdoor Activities: Enjoy the Outdoors More. Build Your Own Outdoor Furniture and Backyard Projects. Capture Nature in Paintings and Photographs. Get Great Gardening Advice. It's All Here in Free Guides and Project Plans.

Enjoy Hundreds of Free Outdoor Project Plans and

Do It Yourself Activity Guides

1,000+ Free Photography Lessons

1,000+ Free Photography Lessons 

Learn how to take beautiful, top quality photographs or how to improve your photography skills with help from these free online lessons and demonstrations. Get priceless advice, hints and tips from top professional photographers.

800+ Free DIY Outdoor Project Plans and Guides

800+ Free DIY Outdoor Project Plans

Enjoy your own backyard. Get great gazebo, arbor, pergola, deck, shed, playground, playhouse, dog house, birdhouse and outdoor furniture designs and building guides that you can use for free. Download yours and print them from your computer right now.


Learn How to Paint Outdoors

Learn How to Paint Outdoors 

Enjoy Plein Air drawing or painting with oils, acrylics or watercolors. Start on a creative and rewarding new hobby by teaching yourself with free, professional, online demonstrations, videos and eBooks from top art magazines and web sites.

Free Do It Yourself Garden and Landscape Project Plans and Guides

DIY Garden and Landscape Project Plans and Guides  

Improve your landscape and garden. Here are free plans for greenhouses, water gardens, kitchen gardens, cold frames, compost bins, garden carts, potting benches, planters, fences, gates and much more.


Free Camping Ideas and Campfire Recipies

Visit our Pinterest boards for for thousands of ideas, recipies and money-saving tips for your next camping trip or backyard barbecue:  Camping Ideas  Campfire Cooking  Cookout Recipies


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