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Free Art Lessons - Teach yourself how to draw, paint and take perfect photos. Free Photography Lessons - Teach yourself how to take better photos with your camera or cell phone. Enjoy Free Art Lessons - Learn how to draw, paint and take perfect photos

Free Art Lessons: Teach Yourself How To Draw, Paint and Take Beautiful Photographs. Or, Improve Your Existing Skills. From Beginner to Artist, What You Need to Learn is Right Here.


Download any of Thousands of Free Art Lessons, How-to Demonstrations and Do It Yourself Guides

1,000+ Free Do It Yourself Drawing Lessons and How-to Demonstrations

1,000+ Free Do It Yourself Drawing Lessons and How-to Demonstrations 

Learn how to draw. Start a creative new hobby or rekindle your smoldering talent. Teach your kids how to illustrate their homework projects or just how to have fun with cartoons. Learn everything from quick sketching to the fine art of detailed, realistic pencil drawing.

Learn to Watercolor. Enjoy Free Watercoloring Lessons

Free Watercolor Lessons 

Learn how to watercolor or how to improve your paintings with help from these free online lessons and demonstrations. Advance at your own speed by watching professional videos or by following step-by-step as some very talented artists create their own watercolor paintings.


Free Oil Painting Lessons -  Follow free tutorials by talented artists to learn their techniques and tips.

Free Oil Painting Lessons

Learn how to use oil paints to create your own landscapes, still life paintings, abstracts, portraits and more. Follow free tutorials by talented artists to learn their techniques and tips.

Free Do It Yourself Pastel Art Tutorials, Tips and Techniques

Free Do It Yourself Pastel Art Tutorials, Tips and Techniques 

Teach yourself how to work with pastels. Create beautiful colors in soft landscape and floral scenes and in portraits. Just follow these free lessons by top pastel artists.

Free Acrylic Painting Lessons

Free Acrylic Painting Lessons 

Learn how to paint with easy, quick-drying acrylic paints. Or, take your existing acrylic painting skills to the next level. Here are dozens of free demos and videos that are sure to help.


1,000+ Free Photo Lessons - Beginner to Advanced

Free Photo Lessons 

Choose from over 1,000 free, online demonstrations and teach yourself how to improve all of your snapshots and photographs. Learn new techniques, shortcuts and tips from top professional photographers. Capture creative portraits, landscapes, product shots, nature scenes and vacation memories.

Learn How Easy it Can Be to Create Art from Your Own Photos

Easy Art from Your Photos 

Learn how easy it is to turn your photographs, snapshots and cell phone shots into something like art. Transform your digital images, like magic, with easy effects that will make them look like drawings, watercolors and  paintings. Create gifts, wall art, blog illustrations and more with the help of free, easy-to-use online tools.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Free Printable Coloring Pages 

Coloring is a fun way to relax and be creative at the same time. Here are some unusual, printable coloring pages that will both entertain you and challenge you to create beautiful images with colored pencils, crayons, markers or pastels.


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