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Free Playhouse Plans, Treehouse Plans, Children's Projects, Playground Plans and Building Guides

These free blueprints and guidebooks can teach you how to create any of dozens of exciting backyard play projects for your children or your grandchildren.


Free Playhouse Building Plans  Learn how to build a beautiful and fun backyard playhouse for your children or grandkids. Chose from any of a dozen different little cottages and cabins or use the details and ideas that you'll learn from these blueprints to create your own unique design.

Free Playground and Swing Set Plans  Download free, do-it-yourself building plans for a variety of kids' wooden swing sets, playgrounds and play equipment like slides, see-saws, outdoor gym sets, sand boxes and more.

Free Treehouse Plans  Learn how to build a sturdy and safe treehouse for your children. These designs all aim at building a solid platform with railings and a simple shelter or playhouse on top of that. You can follow these plans to the letter, or just build the platform and use your imagination, and your kids' help on the shelter.

Free Play Fort and Clubhouse Plans  These free building guides and do-it-yourself plans will show you how to build an exciting play fort, tower or club house for your favorite kids.

Free Play Project Plans  If you're not looking for a playhouse or play structure and still want to thrill your little ones,There's wooden toys, an easy-to-build slide platform, toy boxes, wooden furniture and much more.

Kid's Drawing Lessons  Help your favorite kids learn to draw. Help them illustrate their homework and craft projects. Get them started on a creative new pastime with the help of these free and fun online tutorials.

Internet Playhouse and Playground Building Help  Check out our directory of websites offering plans, precut building kits, prefabs and products that will help you with your playhouse, playground, swing set or play fort project.

Do It Yourself Building Guides  These free online how-to building lessons and downloadable manuals can help you learn how to construct a safe and sturdy project for your kids. With the help of these guides, many of the playhouse and playground plans on this website can make great DIY projects for anyone with a little building experience. 


Playground Building Kits from Detailed Play Systems

Play Cabin Building Plans from

Instant Download Shed Building Plans

Playhouse and Playground Plans and Kits  Thrill your child with a great new play house, playground or swing set  Build it yourself with one of these easy-to-assemble building kits or do-it-yourself plans, or order it pre-built and delivered right to your backyard.

Kids Project Plans from  Build something great with do-it-yourself plans for wooden toys, toy boxes, rocking horses, pedal cars, loft beds, play houses, playgrounds, kids furniture and more. Check out the unique play cabin plans.

DIY Wooden Toy and Children's Furniture Building Plans from WOOD Store  Get accurate and easy-to-use do-it-yourself building plans for durable and fun toys and furniture for your favorite child. Find more than a hundred designs that you won't see any place else.

Download Dozens of Shed Plans, Right Now, for Just $29.00  Do you need a new shed? Choose from great designs and print any and all of the building plans, as often as you want, with one easy purchase. And, you'll get a no-nonsense, complete money back guarantee.    




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