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Free Drawing Lessons for Children

Free Online Drawing Lessons for Kids  Help your favorite child get started on a creative pastime.  Learn together with these fun and free online tutorials.

Help your favorite kids learn to draw. Help them illustrate their homework and craft projects. Get them started on a creative new pastime with the help of these free and fun online tutorials.





Free Drawing Lessons and DIY Guides for Kids:


Drawing Lessons for Kids  Learn how to draw all types of animals, cars, trains, planes, cartoon characters, dinosaurs, superheroes and more. Follow lessons and demostrations at

Cartoon Drawing Lessons for Children  Choose from over two hundred different drawing tutorials presented by  Kids can learn to draw all types of animals, cartoon characters, vehicles, dinosaurs, dragons and fantasy scenes in color. To get the most out of, click on the illustrations in each tutorial to zoom in on the details.

Famous Cartoon Characters  Choose from over eight hundred different drawing tutorials presented by Learn how to draw all of the popular Disney, movie and TV characters in color. The lessons marked "Novice" are great for kids to try on their own. To get the most out of, click on the illustrations in each tutorial to zoom in on the details.

Simple Animal Drawings  Young children can learn simple line drawing formulas for drawing dozens of different animals, birds and bugs at These illustrations are great for decorating cards and craft projects.

Drawing Lessons for Kids  Find hundreds of informative, educational and fun art projects for toddlers to teenagers and their parents and teachers too.

How to Draw Cartoons  Create all types of animals, characters, vehicles, people, holiday scenes, action heroes, landscapes and much more. Find hundreds of simple step by step drawing lessons at



Learn how to draw people the easy way

Learn to Draw People Step by Step  Discover a fast and easy way to bring your drawings to life. Achieve a level of realism that few artists will ever reach. This home study course comes with lifetime updates and a complete money-back guarantee.

More Painting and Drawing Lessons and Demonstrations:


Learn Color Theory and Color Mixing Techniques  Improve your paintings, watercolor, colored pencil drawings and pastels with the help of these free guides.

Free Art Lessons - Find tips, tutorials, techniques and videos on oil painting, acrylics, pastels, pencil and charcoal drawing, watercolor painting and much more from some of the best artists and art educators on Pinterest:  Art Lessons; Drawing Lessons; Watercolor Lessons; Painting Lessons; Photography Lessons

Lessons in Perspective  Learn one, two and three point linear perspective, as well as atmospheric perspective in these free artists' demos.

Plein Air Drawing and Painting  Learn how to get the most out of your outdoor excursions.

The Art of Underpainting  Free How-to Guides and Lessons

Composition Tutorials  Improve all of your drawings, paintings and watercolors with the help of these lessons and hints from top artists and art magazines.

Free Art Reference Photographs  Learn how to find free reference photos for your paintings and drawings.



Discounted Art Supplies

Get the Guaranteed Best Prices on All Your Art and Craft Supplies  Shop for the lowest prices on name-brand art and craft supplies. Get up to 75% off your favorite products from as the worlds largest source for discount arts and crafts supplies online.

Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook

Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book  Become unique, creative and artistic by taking breathtaking photographs that blow people's minds away! Dozens of rare trick photography ideas are included in this 295 page e-book, along with nine hours of how-to photography video tutorials.

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